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Hydraulic breakers / hydraulic hammers

84ae05687b738b8a2ee3121d8817bd96.jpgOur Company produce some of the strongest and most reliable hydraulic hammers/breakers equipment for the construction, demolition, aggregate, mining and scrap industries.

The hydraulic hammers/Breakers range is comprised of super-silenced models to suit all excavators, include miniature excavators and anti-skid steering excavators, ranging from large excavators up to 198000 pounds.


Reliable technology

The hammer is extremely sturdy and durable, using simple, effective and reliable design techniques. Through the smallest moving mass parts, the replacement of worn parts can be minimized.

Efficient and environmentally friendly

Advanced hydraulic technology allows for lower oil flow than many other hammers, achieving optimal excavator performance and reducing fuel consumption while maximizing production. The hammer also exerts less stress, thus prolonging its service life.

Low maintenance cost

Field replaceable lower gasket bushing. The simple design of the hammer series reduces maintenance costs, reduces spare parts, and minimizes downtime.

Run quietly

Double shock absorber system. Innovative damping materials in fully enclosed rugged structures minimize noise pollution and improve operator comfort. This detail can also reduce the recoil force on the excavator and minimize damage to the carrier.

Regulating valve

Automatic changes in speed and power. So that the hammer can be adjusted to achieve the best working conditions, the maximum power of the long stroke or the maximum frequency of the short stroke.

Potential applications include:

  1. Rock breaking

  2. Slag breaking

  3. Reducing oversize material

  4. Concrete breaking and recycling

  5. Road construction

  6. Sidewalk and curb construction

  7. Commercial / selective demolition

  8. C&D recycling / sorting

  9. Underwater applications

  10. Site excavation

  11. Scaling and tunnel excavation

  12. Trenching

  13. And many more!

Visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel for hydraulic hammer operation and service videos and videos of hydraulic breakers in action!  Which includes mentoring services, training, and training.

We offers a wide variety of accessories for hydraulic hammers:

  • Tools

  • Autolube Systems

  • Dust Suppression Kits

  • Grease

  • Quick Disconnects

  • Underwater Kits

Visit each model page below for specifications and additional images.  If you require a service manual or would like a hard copy of any other manual, please contact the Sales Department.

Our products is not the best hammer, but it is a very strong and reliable hammer.  We provides you with first-class engineering and quality at a reasonable price. For more information, please contact us.

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