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Excavator earth auger|Earth auger drives

Excavator earth auger is also called Earth auger drives,a Kind of digging machine. Used for tree planting, pole hole, drilling, photovoltaic piling, etc.Installed on all ordinary hydraulic excavators, mini- excavators. Also can installed on other machines. Such as skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, cranes, telescopic loaders, wheel loaders and loaders.


1. Easy to operate. The operation is simple, and one person can operate all kinds of digging and drilling work.

2. High efficiency. The digging speed is more fast, and the deep pit can complete within 30 seconds. Compared with the traditional manual digging, the efficiency increases a hundred times.

3. High quality and well digging depth. Using high strength drill bit, stretching spiral drill rod, digging hole. Sturdiness, no soil allowance in the pit. The gearbox can enter the hole without extension to maximize the drilling depth. The maximum depth can be up to 250 cm.

4. Strong adaptability. The machine adopts two-wheel movement and has strong off-road performance. Can well adapt to the complex terrain such as hills and mountains. Can carry out the construction of most of the soil layers. As the northern clay layer, pebble-bearing gravel soil and weathered rock soil layer.

Excavator Augers are usually used in various fields of exploration and research. 

Potential applications include:

1.The ground source heat pumps



4.Tree planting

5.Drilling, foundation piles

6.Screw pile installation

7.Pole and mast installation

8.Road signs

9.Noise barriers

10.Other fields

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