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Excavator pile hammer|Piling Hammers|Excavator-Mounted Hammers

Excavator pile hammer is also called Piling hammers or Excavator-mounted hammers. It is suitable for all brands of excavators,used for many kinds of piling works. As one kind of excavator attachment,It is simplicity, safety, and efficient operation . It is suitable for all kinds of pile types, including sheet pile, steel pipe pile, wooden pile, precast pile and so on.


Because of its small size and simple operation procedure, it can be apply to different sites and soil conditions. It is suitable for drainage maintenance, river bank maintenance and swamp operation, whether on land or at sea.

Main features

1. It is suitable for all kinds of pile types, sites and soil conditions.

2. Simple flexible and accurate pile driving method.

3. Efficient piling, rotation and tilt, increasing mobility.

4. We use USA PARKER vibration motor, Germany FAG bearing, Taiwan EVERPADS rubber pads to ensure reliable quality .

5. Easy to install, flexible and easy to operate and maintain.

6. Simple, compact and rugged design reduces the operating weight. Designed for long-term continuous operation, made of high-quality materials and components.

7.Welding test, rotation test, vibration test and clamping test for each pile hammer.

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