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Excavator ripper

e9d71e33f93e4401a5d3058c1afd7961.jpgExcavator ripper is used for ripping hard soil such as weathered soil and rocks, tundra, etc.

Our excavator ripper attachmentis suitable for many kinds of brand and model of excavator:


Main features

1.Durable. Made of top quality high-strength steel plate,easy to break and dig.

2.High efficiency. Easy to install and easy to use. Convenient for digging and loading at the same time.

3.Installed with high-strength ripper teeth, also could customize two or three teeth, strong digging ability .

4.It is suitable for the excavation of hard materials,such as hard rock, secondary solid rock, permafrost, stone, weathered granite and so on.


Excavator ripper is used for ripping hard soil such as frozen soil, soft rock,weathered soil and rocks, tundra, etc. It also can remove the root of the trees and other barriers. It is mainly used for loosening thin hard soil and frozen soil, so that it can improve the efficiency.

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