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Hydraulic compactor|Hydraulic plate compactor for excavators

Excavator hydraulic compactor designed to effective compact soil .Such as trench digging, ground leveling, embankment construction, sheet pile and other construction.

Why should the hydraulic compactor used as the attachments of the excavator?

As an attachment of excavator, hydraulic compactor has quiet, safe and efficient performance. It has the advantage of low noise, safe and reliable, and no need for people to stand in the workplace. The hydraulic compactor can installed on standard adapter plates and quick connection system .

Main features

Quiet and safe.

The hydraulic compactor has little noise, especially when used in trenches, which are safer because people is no longer required to stand in the workspace.

Easy positioning

Can equip with continuous rotation device, convenient positioning. Productivity can improves, even on inaccessible terrain.

Easy operating.

Hydraulic plate compactors can install on standard adapter plates and quick connection systems.


1.Strong steel frame with high wear-resistance.

2.Imported motor and valve,stable and powerful.

3.Quick, economical and easy to operate. 

4.Long service life-cycle rubber pads. 

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