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Hydraulic grabs|Excavator grapple attachments

Excavator grab is the attachment of engineering vehicle, and it is a kind of special loading and unloading construction machinery. The main function is to grab and lift materials,it is ideal for material handling.


Excavator grab has a wide range of applications, such as loading and unloading of scrap steel, ore, coal, bulk fertilizer, yellow sand and other materials, as well as simple soil loosening and debris cleaning . Widely used in steel mills, smelters, ports, docks and scrap transfer industries .

Composition and structure

According to the shape, the excavator grab can be divide into clamshell grab and orange peel grab. A sturdy main body with two moving jaws installed at both ends of the frame. The jaws powered by one or two hydraulic cylinders, which connected by steel bars to achieve synchronous movement.

Main Features

1. Suitable for dealing with garbage, light waste or other light, bulky materials.

2. 360 °unlimited clockwise and counterclockwise rotating swing bearing system.

3. Can handle heavy load and maximize loading efficiency.

4. Can be used with pin grabber couplers to make the driver more comfortable and flexible.

5. German original oil seal, balance valve and safety valve make the cylinder more durable and safer.

6. Brake valves make it safer in inertia or accidents.

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