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Hydraulic shear|Hydraulic shear for excavators

Excavator hydraulic shears use for cutting scrap steel and scrap vehicles. As well as industrial demolition of steel structures such as buildings and tanks. It replaces the disadvantage that the shearing machine can not move.

Excavator hydraulic shears wide use in large-scale mechanical equipment. It has the high performance and good reliability . It is very suitable for cutting steel structures at the demolition site. As well as recycling metal beams, plates and cables in the scrap yard.

Features and benefits

1. Made of high strength wear-resistant steel with high reliability and wear resistance.

2. Can operate at any position to meet the work requirements of 360-degree rotation.

3. Equipped with internal acceleration valve, faster shearing speed and high efficiency.

4. The structure is a double-cylinder hydraulic cylinder. The jaw closing force of hydraulic shears much more greater.

5. Fixed with bolts for easy disassemble and replacement.

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