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Quick coupler|Excavator quick hitch


The excavator quick coupler ,also known as quick coupler and quick hitch. It can increase the scope of use of the excavator, save time and improve work efficiency. It can quick install various excavator attachments. Such as bucket, soil looser, hydraulic hammer,hydraulic shear, wood grab, stone grab, etc.

Features and benefits

Available from 1-80t.

Double Safety System

High Strength Steel

Provide mechanical and hydraulic units.


It is suitable for all kinds of brands and models of excavators. The versatility of the quick coupler ensures a wide range of connections. Including bucket, soil looser and other attachments. Especially good at connecting hydraulic hammer, crusher, hydraulic shears and so on.

Double safety system

It has rear safety hook and hydraulic lock,can tight lock the attachment. Even if the front hook or cylinder is sudden broken, it will not fall off.


Manufacture of high strength materials. Increase durability, optimize and improve excavator performance.


Gentle move the switch for 10 seconds. You can quick switch between attachments. Which is time-saving, labor-saving, simple and convenient.

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