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Road pile driver|Pile driver

Road pile driver is also called pile driver. It is a kind of highway guardrail steel pipe or H-beam piling  equipment. The machine integrates loading, piling and drilling, is multi-purpose  for one machine.


It is suitable for field construction of highway guardrail installation,  maintenance and repair.   Often used in highway guardrail pile construction and solar pile installation.  Especially for the  installation of road wave guardrails of various complex formations.

Main features

(1) Flexible and efficient. Based on the development of mature hydraulic  system,light driving direct piling positioning.

(2) Accurate positioning. The key hydraulic components are all well-known  brand products, durability,stable and reliable.

(3) Energy saving. The full power control variable system makes full use of  engine power. Which are energy saving and environmental protection.

(4) Strong power.  Use of diesel power, full hydraulic mechanical transmission, strong and reliable power. Can drill rock, concrete and other high-hard  geology.

(5)Superior performance. Four-wheel drive, the brakes use disc brakes and air  brakes to adapt to complex terrain such as slopes.

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