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Excavator Ripper

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1. Good Abrasion Resistance: TDC ripper is made with high-quality material (Q345b) provide high steel toughness and good abrasive resistance.

2.Good Mechanical Property: TDC ripper tooth is made of NM400 special material which surfaces Brinell hardness can reach 400HB and its mechanical property is 3-5 times better than the normal steel sheet’s.

3. Longer work time: the high strength board mounted in front of the ripper can protect the ripper body from damage. Ripper teeth can be changed easily.

4. Customize service: can be designed as a single tooth, double tooth, or as your requirement.

5. Suitable for different work conditions: help excavator to break and dig at the same time. Widely used for smash and split: hard soil, pavement, flint , weathered granite.

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