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clamshell bucket

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Clamshell bucket also known as clamshell grapple is used in conjunction with excavators to grab all kinds of loose materials for loading, unloading, turningand other operations.It is easy to install and mainly used for grabbing and loading bulk or accumulated materials such as mud, sand, coal, gravel, ore, limestone, slag, powder, coke, etc.



1.Using special steel material with high ductility and high abrasion resistance.

2.Using imported balance valve motor with buffering and braking function.

3.The cylinder is equipped with non-return valve, more safety for grabbing.

4.Using high strength rotating support device. The operator can control the rotating speed. 360 degree clockwise and anticlockwise rotating.

5.Using the internal high pressure cylinder to protect the soft tube.

6.The product can also be designed as swingtype with no rotation in accordance with customers’ different requirements.

7.Widely used in sand plant, stone-crushing plant, dock, coal, renewable resources recycling, auto decomposition and waste transfer.

8.It can be installed in excavator. One machine has multiple applications and higher efficiency.


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