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Side Type hydraulic breaker

Product Details

The side type hydraulic breaker is comprised of super-silenced models to suit all excavators, include miniature excavators and anti-skid steering excavators, ranging from large excavators up to 198000 pounds.

Product Description

1.Our hydraulic breaker are widely used for construction, demolition, mining, quartering and special sites(underwater project, tunnel project), etc.

2.Advanced technology:

A. Heat resistance and abrasion resistance.

B. Low oil consumption design. This reduces the oil cylinder volume and lessens the fuel consumption under the condition of guaranteeing oil pressure invariable.

C. Made of high strength steel plate (Q345b),Chisel made by 42CrMo, provide very long operation life

D.Following Korean Technology and Design, guarantee low breakdown rate

3. Strong and mature "Hydraulic + Nitrogen" impact System

4.Easy control and easy installation make it more convenient for use 

5.Our breaker can be compatible to all brands and models of excavators !


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Our Company produce some of the strongest and most reliable hydraulic hammers/breakers equipment for the construction, demolition, aggregate, mining and scrap industries.