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Thumb bucket | Grab rock bucket with thumb

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Excavator thumb bucket is an attachment of excavator, also known as bucket thumb or grab rock bucket with thumb. It can help handling rocks, brush, tree stumps, pipes and other hard-to-maneuver materials. The thumb bucket respond quick without affecting the function and use of excavator.


1. The first generation of multifunctional bucket clamps developed on the basis of buckets can match 1.2-40 ton excavators, and users can choose flexibly;

2.With all the functions of a bucket, it can also handle shrubs, logs, stones, waste, iron, pipes, and loading and unloading.

3.Cylinder adopts non-return valve type, it is safer and more reliable to grab objects.

4.One machine is multi-purpose, easy to operate ※ Using large oil cylinder to ensure super strong clamping power

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