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Top type hydraulic breaker

Product Details

Top Type Breaker is one type of the excavator hydraulic breakers. It has longer total-length and heavier total-weight. Corresponding,it's much more easy operating to achieve crushing work. Break through concrete, rock, and asphalt easier with the powerful force of the hydraulic breaker.


1.Applicable for different brands of excavators, simple& convenient &comfortable operation, easy maintenance

2. High Quality & high precision, high stability &high durability.Wear-resistant and super heat treatment technology

3.High working efficiency.Easy-operating to achieve excavation crushing work.

4.Without side weight, reducing the rate of chisel breakage.

5.longer total-length and heavier total-weight.



Mining: Breaking ore rocks, Second time crushing, Screen crushing

Metallurgy: Steel ladle and slag cleaning, Fumace dismantling, Equipment foundation removal

Public road: Highway repair, Cement pavement broken, Foundation excavation

Railway: Mountain and tunnel excavation, Road and bridge demolition, Subgrade compaction

Building: Demolition of old buildings, Broken reinforced concrete

Ship repairing and Construction: Removing clam and rust

Others: Breaking ice, Breaking frozen soils, Sand mold Vibration


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